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What payment options do you accept? What is the minimum payment amount?
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Paxum, Sofort, iDeal, Epese, Ecoin, Webmoney, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer. A minimum payment amount depends on a payment option of your choice. For other payment options a minimum payment amount is in a range from $15 to $50.
How often my account balance is updated?
Your balance is updated every hour and when a payment is made. Payments made with majority of payment options are added instantly into your account.
How long does it take to process a payout?
Maxumum 3 business days. As a rule it takes not longer than 24-48 hours. Instant payouts are available for selected payment methods. Instant payout option is activated automatically after 3 regular payouts.
Questions and Answers

Buying Traffic

What types of ads/traffic do you offer? What is "blind skimmed" traffic?
We offer adult blind skimmed and popunder traffic(both desktop and mobile). Blind skimmed traffic is a thumbnail blind clciked traffic from adult TGP/MGP/Tube sites. It is when a visitor makes a click on a seller's(publisher's) site to watch a video/photo/cam but your page is opened instead of that content page.
What packages do you offer? How much is X amount of traffic?
We believe that there is no package for everyone and we made our system in a way where you can tailor a package for Your needs to reach audience You need. We offer a lot of targeting options and all of them can be mixed and matched to meet your requirements. You can find a list of available traffic on our Pricing page.
Do you offer a free trial? I want to try traffic before I buy.
As we are a traffic broker company we have to pay our sellers/publishers for all traffic that we deliver to pages of our buyers/advertisers. Due to this reason unfortunately we cannot offer you a free trial. But we don't have a minimum order amount and we charge only for delivered traffic. We recommend you to buy a small amount of traffic for a test. You can even buy traffic for $1.00 (one dollar) for a test.
How long does it take to get my URL approved?
As a rule URL approval process takes not longer than 15 minutes on business days and up to 12 hours on the weekend. You can also alway contact our live support by clicking a blue "LiveChat" button at the edge of the screen to hvae your link reviewed faster.
When will you start sending traffic for my campaign?
Traffic delivery for your campaign will be started immediately after you create a campaign. Speed of traffic delivery depends on settings of your campaign and amount of available traffic that match targeting options of your choice. You can see approximate amount of available visitors when you create your campaign and in the EDIT menu of your campaign.
What does the an option "X" mean?
We do our best to make our platform as intuitive as possible and there is a build in help available. In most cases there is a blue question sign next to an option. You can see a description for that option by moving your mouse cursor over that question sign. You can also always contact our live support and we will be glad to assist you.
I created campaign but made a mistake in settings. Can I change it?
Yes. You have full control over your campaigns and you can start, delete, pause and edit your campaigns anytime you need to in your user account area.
How can I get a discount?
You can get 5% discount by placing your Traffic Holder affiliate link on your landing page. You can find the link and banners on the Affiliates page of your account area. Once the link/button is placed on your page you can apply the discount to your URL in the "Add/Manage URLs" menu. Some targeting options also offer additional discount for your campaigns. Whenever you see and option that says "-10%" this is it :)
Is it possible to buy traffic for viruses, fake virus alerts etc.?
NO. We do not allow any kind malware and fraud in our network. If you send traffic to one of such pages we will ban you from using our service without a refund.
I bought traffic from Italy, however as far as I see you are sending me traffic from the American/German/French sites.
When you buy traffic from a particular country, we send you visitors who reside in that country. We detect visitor's country by IP address and even if a visitor was sent from a German site you can be sure that it was a visitor from Italy.
I have bought some traffic to my paysite, but I don't see any conversions.
We do not recommend to buy Blind Skimmed traffic for paysites unless you have experience in converting this type of traffic with paysites. However, we recommend you to try popunder traffic with a matching niche and content type targeting. We also recommend you to try our HQ geo targeting option.
I have bought 10k of traffic, my campaign is completed. However my analytics script shows that I received only 7k. What is the problem?
If at any time you feel that the count is not correct, please cancel your campaign and request a refund of your remaining account balance. Please do not message us about suspected inaccurate counts if you are using a third party javascript analytics/counter. Server logs is the only reliable method of keeping statistics. Stats, data and other information from third party counters (such as SexTracker) are never 100% accurate. Please check your server logs first.
How often is traffic stats updated?
Information about total delivered traffic and traffic delivered in the current hour is updated in real time. All other statistics is updated once an hour.
What is a bidding system?
A bidding system allows to get traffic faster by increasing a price you pay per 1000 unique visitors. It is usefull when you are buying traffic that has a high demand and there is not enough available traffic to fulfil all active campaigns. We offer a powerful bidding dashboard where you can see all the information about bids and traffic you can expect when setting you bid to a particular position. The higher you bid the more priority in traffic delivery your campaign will receive.
Do you have API?
Yes, we offer API that allows you to monitor and manage your campaigns. You can find API documentation in your user account area or contact our Live Support for assistance.
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Selling Traffic

What do "Return URL" and "General Return URL" settings in my account mean?
Return URL is a URL where we will return all traffic we couldn't sell from your site. If traffic doesn't have HTTP Referer headers or there is no Return URL specified for a site then we will return unsold traffic to your General Return URL.
I would like to sell some traffic and I wonder what the price would be? I'm interested in earning not less than 4 USD per 1k
Our system will test quality of your traffic and set the recommended price for your traffic. However, you can set any price for your traffic (even higher than the recommended price) and we will do our best to sell your traffic at as high rate as possible or return it back to you. You can also use the Minimum Price feature to set the bottom price limit for your traffic.
For how long does usually traffic from my domains is tested? You're taking quite a high percent for a test compared to how much you pay for.
Traffic Holder takes about 1-1.5% of your traffic for a test. When you start selling traffic, in order to get accurate productivity data, we take 20-30% of the FIRST 600 hits from EACH domain. After the first 600 hits, we reduce test traffic takeout percent to a normal/standard 1%-1.5%.
How often do you update traffic sales statistics?
We update stats once an hour. There are realtime stats available for total amount of delivered traffic.
Do you offer API for sellers/publishers?
Yes, we offer API that allows you to access detailed statistics and integrage your Traffic Holder account with other services. You can find API documentation in your user account area or contact our Live Support to find out more about it.
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